Basic Safety Training (All Four Modules)

STCW Basic Safety Training

Personal Safety
The 4-hour Personal Safety and Social Responsibility course teaches basic safety and environmental principles to enhance safety and productivity in the maritime working environment by providing instruction in:

Personal Survival
The 12-hour Personal Survival course teaches the techniques that will help individuals use personal life-saving appliances, survival craft, life rafts, distress signals, location devices, and other life-saving equipment, including:

Students will practice and demonstrate their ability to use lifesaving equipment and flotation techniques during a "hands on" session in the water.

Elementary First Aid
The 8-hour Elementary First Aid course teaches basic principles and practices to help a layperson provide basic emergency care, including:

Basic Firefighting
The one-day Basic Firefighting course teaches the theory and practices of firefighting within the maritime workplace, including:

Attendees will gain proficiency through hands-on practice on the fire field by using various extinguishers and breathing gear to attack and extinguish fires.


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